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Hotel Bystrina***
Hotel Bystrina 23
031 01 Demänovská dolina

In our Chalet “Koliba” Bystrina we organize various family reunions, graduations,

receptions, christenings, meetings with friends, corporate events and weddings.

In case you have any questions feel free to contact us, we will be pleased to answer you.

Zuzana Špircová 00421/ 903 503 536


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Romantic and cosy environment surrounded by nature offers literally ideal conditions for wedding receptions. Our facilities consist of two restaurants - Restaurant Bystrina and Restaurant hunter, two hotels - Hotel Bystrina *** , Hotel Poľovník*** and camp site, located in a beautiful area of the Low Tatras location right at the foot of the Demänovska valley.

We offer:

menu according to your wishes

you can bring your own wedding cakes, fruits, ...

accommodation for wedding guests in our hotels with special discount

wedding apartment in hotel Poľovník*** for newly married couples for free

possibility of outdoor wedding ceremonial

amazing outdoor wedding pictures

special offer - fireworks, helicopter landing field in the area

we can arrange cameraman, DJ, decorations, and many other

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Lace table linen
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Outdoor civil wedding ceremony